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We have more than 17 years of experience and we have organized more than 15 advanced training

events last year. All our trainers have all the available Mikrotik certifications, including MtcIpv6.

The Fibercli trainers provide level 3 support at national and international level. Their

experience in consulting and level 3 support allows them to pass on the contents of Mikrotik

certifications providing excellent practical training to your technicians.


In our training sessions, we work with simulations of real environments allowing the trainees

to be trained to solve incidents in production environment. Along with the course material and

access to cloud simulation software is provided. The software allows you to emulate incidents

occurring in real life. All the materials are provided without any additional costs for your



We offer tailor-made training for companies. Our technicians perform training at the premises

of your company providing your technicians with the skills relevant for the state of the art

technology according to your proposed requirements. We provide trainings in Europe and the

Middle East. We organize workshops simulating your systems for analysis and design in real

time. Your technicians will have an access to complex designs tailored to the needs of your



We provide customized training in mixed environments integrating different systems, for

example, equipping different brands with the integration of advanced monitoring systems.

We offer one-day focused training sessions on specific topics such as BGP, High Availability,

mitigation of DDoS attacks and automation of systems.


Apart from the training provided at your company, we offer a high-quality training at our

facilities in Madrid, Barcelona and the Canary Islands are less than an hour away by public

transport from the airport. We take care of planning of the trip in cooperation with your

technicians, as well as accommodation and catering. Your company will have the possibility

to organize intensive week-long training sessions in a privileged environment. The training

week will enable you to get up to three Mikrotik